EPC plus F finansiranje

 EPC + F




WORLD VISION CORP is able to bring forward EPC+F solutions for power project financing.

Funding options available are assessed in the context of Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs), local government considerations and guarantees.

A formal feasibility study is completed to assess overall expected returns and related business risks.

WORLD VISION CORP regularly looks for innovative strategies to provide different forms of power project financing. 

WORLD VISION CORP bring the competence, scale and financial backing that you expect of a large professional services firm, together with the level of personal attention, innovation and entrepreneurship you expect of a small consultancy. WVC team understand what success looks like in our clients’ eyes and work closely from strategy to implementation to ensure the right outcomes are achieved.


  • Construction of hydropower plants under EPC (Engineering, Procurement and Construction) contracts. 

  • Turnkey supply of electromechanical equipment.

  • Supply of core equipment, such as hydraulic turbines, generation, automation systems and hydromechanical equipment.

  • Modernization, rehabilitation and refurbishment. 

  • Operation and Maintenance (O&M).


  • Service road network design and installation

  • Wind turbine generator foundation design and installation

  • Underground cabling installation

  • Switchyard/Utility interconnect design and construction

  • Collection system

  • Turbine erection

  • Mechanical and electrical completion


The mining sequence is divided into six stages. Each stage represents a certain period in the life of a mineral deposit. The stages, ordered chronologically from earliest and following the order in which they occur, include:

  1. Consultation - communicate all actions and intentions with those who will be affected by mining sequence activities

  2. Exploration - gather data about potential mineral deposits and acquire the rights to harvest those mineral deposits

  3. Evaluation - determine which mineral deposit has the most profit potential

  4. Development - construction of a mine or mines

  5. Production - operation of the mine or mines

  6. Closure - demolition of the mine or mines and rehabilitation of all lands used for mining



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