Presentation of electricity generation system - KPP


 14. februar 2020

Today, February 14, 2020, in Podgorica at the Chamber of Commerce of Montenegro, as guests of the company World vision corp Ltd, Mr. Raimund Wunder, CEO of Afkem together with colleagues from Save the Planet, gave a very interesting presentation on how the KPP system works in front of many guests. 

The presentation aroused great interest for direct implementation In Montenegro, both in some leading companies and by many Municipalities and the Capital city.

Complete preparation and organization were made by the team below

1.Raimund Wunder, CEO of Afkem
2 Dennis Link, CTO of Save the Planet
3.Dejan Stojsavljevic - CEO of Rosch Innovation Balkan, Croatia
4.Sreten Djuretic - co-owner of the company World vision corp doo Podgorica
5.Miodrag Sestovic - co-owner of the company World vision corp doo Podgorica


After a very successful presentation, guests from the Regulatory Agency, Cedis, as well as local companies had expert questions on which Mr. Wunder responded, explaining in detail how this kinetic energy production system works.

Mr.Dejan Stojsavljevic, CEO of Rosch Innovative technology has made it very clear to all interested parties to contact World vision corp ltd regarding any business proposals or projects, as well as any technical details.

At the end of the presentation Mr. Miodrag Sestovic thanked all the guests who attended and expressed his willingness in front of his company World vision corp ltd to respond to all correct business proposals and projects in Montenegro




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