Letter of support from the Government of Montenegro_en

 25. march 2016

After negotiations our colleague Mr. Djuretic with Montenegrin Government and presentation of our project Kinetic power plant 50 MW,  to Minister of Economy Mr. Kavaric, our company World vision corp d.o.o. on March 25, 2016, received the official Letter of support from the Montenegro Government. Ref. No. 01-801-1

This official support is very important for our future projects in Montenegro in the Energy sector and a very important encouragement to these big projects, we are here in Montenegro and in the north of the country, which is the least developed.

Technical facts:

Used energy: no external energy source is needed after the start Energy production: 50 MW output per hour

Used ground: approx. 6000 sqm for a 50 MW power plant(about 6000 sqm factory building and surroundings)

Working hours Year: about 8500 h / a => ca. 97% availability

Base load plant: yes

Power output: in steps of 10 x 5 MW

Location: Bijelo Polje , Montenegro



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