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 10. Decembar  2019.

On the broadcast of Radio Television of Montenegro on December 10, 2019, presenter Olja Bulatovic hosted a representative of our company Mr.Sreten Djuretic together with the Technical Director of Save the Planet company Mr. Denis Link and Director of Rosch Innovation Balkan Mr, Dejan Stojsavljevic.

Mr. Denis Link : OK, what we use is buoyancy force and free fall force, we install water proof tubes into the ground, than we install mechanical Patanosa  system into these tubes with buoyancy bodies that need to be filled with air on the bottom of the system and these bodies try to go up, this force we use to transfer rotary motion to a shaft and from and from there we transfer this rotary motion into production of electricity by generator. That is the general principal of KPP operations. 

The investment depends on the specific business case. What does it mean, we have to calculate local conditions, do analysies, and then is possible to have complete business case. In general, the technology allows to produce electricity for a very small amount. This technology is the best both from the economic and ecological sides, in other words we can produce electricity with less money than by other available production models on the market.  

In Germany we have special case, in the last years we did not really develop Germany, we decided to work in the emerging markets, we have a decision from the beginning of next year – January 2020 we will start with the big developments in Germany- Company AFKEM AG will be responsible to develop German Market, that means that very famous person Raimund Wunder . former Director of VW Power Plants, and he will be responsible for developing German market.  

We have some important advantages that belong to our technology, first of all this is the real green energy, 100 % renewable, we can run it 24/7 the whole year, which means we can produce base load electricity, normally to achieve this you would have to use conventional plants with coal or nuclear, the advantage in you compare with solar or wind plants is that we can run the whole year, and it is 100 % green, another advantage is that with our technology you do not need to spend money into developing the grid. In other words electricity grids are not necessary if you install KPP in the places that need electricity.   

 That is a good question, so we are aware that our technology is ground braking, that is why we prefer to work Internationally, if you are asking me about International projects, I can tell you that we have various project in different stages, which means a lot of pojects in planning phases and others in construction phases, so we will decide when to publish those in the right moment. If you ask me where is it possible to see the technology running and connected. We have the running plant on our RD Farm in Thailand, so selected Investors have possibility to see these show plants. All the other power plants that have to be installed or are under construction now by our clients we do not publish now, it is not possible to show there plants now, or the actual phases, however we will decide when and it will be soon, the next year, for now it is possible to visit us in Thailand.


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