Meeting with prime minister in Skopje

 02. october 2017

Representatives of World Vision Corp are together with representatives of China Rainbow International Investment Ltd, Mr. Will JW Ding - President (Asia Pacific) of (CRIIC) and Catherine Ying Li, as International Project Executive for China Rainbow International Investment Co., Ltd. in the Cabinet of the Prime Minister of Macedonia, had a meeting with the Prime Minister and his associates.
The meeting with the Prime Minister followed up after more meetings with ministers of several departments, as well as Director of the Agency for Foreign Investments, which organized the previous week, so that in a pleasant atmosphere full understanding was discussed about possible investments in the Republic of Macedonia.
Mr.Ding confirmed and reiterated the attitude and modality that the WVC had already forwarded to the Macedonian representatives in the previous talks, which were:
- Government to the Government cooperation, based on the EPC + F system with possible hybrids modifications, depending on the nature of the projects.

Prime Minister Zoran Zaev expressed his satisfaction with this meeting, briefly outlined the strategic projects the Government would be interested in, as well as the investment sectors. He offered his hand very cordially and opened the door for further negotiations after the end of the electoral process in Macedonia and the formation of the Government and the conditions for smooth functioning.


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