How it works

Kinetic Power Plant (KPP®)

The power plant uses - amongst other things - the Archimedes´ principle of buoyancy and produces continuous 24/365 total green, emission-free electricity without adding fossil fuels or any other fuel for its effectiveness.

 How it works ???

A complex controlled pneumatic filling added a container system in permanent rotation.

The buoyant force is converted into kinetic energy via a gear system driving a generator, which generator acts as a braking system and converts the equalized energy into usable electric current.

1. Description of the KPP Technology

The proposed technology is basically a gravity and buoyancy driven power generator, and works as follows:

a) It has a series of containers, attached in a circuit, that revolve in a water tank, as shown in the next drawing.

b) The containers on one side have air and tend to float; the ones on the other side are filled with water and tend to sink, creating a circular motion that is capable of producing power that can be used to generate electricity; as shown as follows.

c) A special system of hoses and valves, introduces air to the containers at the bottom of the circuit. The air expands as its depth decreases; finally displacing all the water at the top of the tank. When the containers are starting to descend, they fill with water, so that instead of floating, they tend to sink. These combined forces move a generator that must be capable of producing electricity for the air compressor that feeds air into the containers and excess electricity for an “external load”, which is the final goal of the “KPP Generator”.












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